Our Story


I had never planned on getting into the coffee business until I learned about the power of regenerative organic agriculture. I became so compelled by the carbon sequestering processes and harmonious integration with flora, fauna, and fungus that I felt an unrelenting urge to figure out a way to help promote these practices of cultivating essential food products in ways that increase the health of our planet instead of destroying it.

I began to consider foods that resonate with people on a deep, deep level. The ones that inspire connection, bring joy, and motivate billions of people on a daily basis. In other words, coffee. 

In my research I found two major tidbits that stuck with me: 1) coffee is exceptionally sensitive to the effects of climate change based on its habitat, so bad that half of coffee farms could be unable to grow coffee by 2050, and 2) that more than half of the adult population on earth drinks coffee every day.

The way I see it, that means that every one of those coffee lovers can take part in the agricultural revolution needed to reverse the detrimental effects of climate change by doing something they already habitually enjoy

At this point I said, let's start a coffee company. I connected with three friends with three dramatically different backgrounds and skillsets and we got started. 

Our plan is relatively simple: support and promote regenerative-organic agriculture so we can help ensure the survival of coffee while creating income stability for farming communities, and contributing to the reversal of climate change so every coffee drinker can take part in cultivating a healthy and harmonious existence between humans and nature.

I know it doesn't sound simple, but we are here to do all of the legwork so you can stick to drinking coffee and doing whatever it is that brings you joy and keeps your ship afloat. 

We firmly believe that when the human collective prioritizes environmental stewardship, all life will flourish.

Thank you for visiting our website! If you chose to order some coffee and/or share our story with your friends we are very grateful to you for joining us in our efforts to make this dream of living on a healthy planet a reality. 

Alex Yoder - Cofounder and CEO